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If you need help integrating quality you have
come to the right place!


We partner with construction and
manufacturing business owners, managers
and their teams, to achieve profitable action


We do this by building robust, effective and
customised quality systems, preventing
unnecessary costs, delays and defects every day
of the week (..and all without adding to the


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Do you want to immediately reduce defects and costs without slowing down production?

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Our Story


Working with construction companies within the UK and the Middle East, a common theme was noticed.


Despite organisations’ having some level of a quality system in place, these were often over complicated and rarely explained to the project teams.


All of these systems seem to produce unnecessary volumes of paperwork, which often didn’t reflect the construction; whilst still generating a high level of defects, errors and waste.


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With practical knowledge and years of experience within the construction quality field, We wanted to break down traditional perceptions and barriers about quality, and bring a fresh approach to the industry. – This is why Qualitaz was established in 2014, for this purpose.


Our objective is to enable project teams to be fully informed, involved, and part of the solution to raising and delivering quality standards.


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Quality process

Do you have a construction and production process?


Does it work?


Are your teams comfortable to use the existing process, and does it give you the results you need?


If the answer is no, then you need to take some immediate steps.


Qualitaz has the people who understand your situation, and can help you to start working towards a new beginning.


Ask yourself some basic questions.


Are you filling in mountains of forms but still getting defects?


Does the rework and late delivery upset customers and incur you with additional costs you didn’t anticipate?


You have to take action to make immediate changes.


At Qualitaz we understand how to achieve quality, and it starts with an understanding of your existing processes and procedures. We will show you how to simplify the controls, where to have inspections, and make the process work for you, rather than you work the process.


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Our Services

Quality Integration Gap Analysis

Our Quality Integration Gap Analysis is proven to provide you with immediate and insightful results and a plan to follow.


We work with you to find out what’s really stopping your organisation from producing the quality results you are aiming for on your project or in your product.


We formulate strategies, processes and procedures to help you get things back on track.





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Quality integration partnering, through our consultancy service, provides you with the most comprehensive, personable service and support for your organisation.


We work with you to provide solutions to improve any specific quality requirements that you have, relating to your product and your projects.


Our customised service helps you to improve working practices, reduce defects, implement greater controls through work practices and gain fast results. All whilst maintaining production and installation at the same time.

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Going Digital

Take your processes to the next level and increase organisation efficiency and reduce your paperwork immediately.


Opt to go digital, for all of your quality requirements. An easy way to transform the way you work through using reliable and tested technology such as IPAD inspections, automated reporting dashboards and digital record keeping.


All of these methods are in real time, so you can keep up to date whether you are in the office, site, factory or on the move managing multiple projects.


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“Quality is not just about speed or money. It is about having the right systems in place”


“If the correct systems are in place;

the time and cost will be kept under control

and the intended quality will be achieved.”