You can use our mystery quality shopping as the basis for Quality Improvement Programmes and for staff performance management – so you won’t just find out what needs fixing, you will have a programme which will change staff behaviour and fix the issues highlighted.

We offer an accurate, reliable and inexpensive method of quality control, which provides you with a means of identifying good quality performance and the not-so-good, (which can be resolved and performance managed).

We reach a full understanding of your company, its employees and clients, in order to be able to provide you with a full scale picture of how each action affects your business.

Quality mystery shopping
Qualitaz Persistence

Our services are tailored to meet the exact needs of the business and an individual programme is installed for each of our clients.

  • We can help you to look at your business through the eyes of your customers.
  • We help you spot any issues which might be driving customers away.
  • We can check the service provided by each of your company branches, against your corporate service standards.
  • We can help you to ensure your branches are providing a consistent level of service.
  • We can check that the information that your employees have been given is accurate and conforms to the company corporate guidelines
  • You can have us run workshops for your managers and/or staff, and you can take advantage of our consultancy service and bespoke quality training programmes.
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