Our Quality  Integration Gap Analysis is proven to provide you with immediate and insightful results and a plan to follow. We work with you to find out what’s really stopping your organization from producing the quality results you are aiming for on your project or in your product.

We formulate strategies, processes and procedures to help you get things back on track. To get things started, we will invite you to have an initial complimentary consultation with us by phone or at your preferred location. We will learn about your organization and any of the issues you may be facing, with achieving your quality objectives and targets with your products, service delivery or projects.

If we feel we are both a good match and your organization is committed to immediate improvement, we will devise a suitable plan and a customized solution to tackle your objectives. From working with our clients we have found, in our experience, that most organizations are not always aware of the cause of their underlying quality issues, and why they are not achieving the results they are looking for; but they know that something isn’t working.

In this situation, we set about carrying out our Qualitaz 8-step Quality Integration Analysis to immediately find out the root cause. We will visit your facility to review all of your organizations’ operational procedures, whether it is on your project site, in your offices or your factory.

We will submerge ourselves in your operations to understand each department or operational function.  We will talk to your personnel at every level of the organization and review your procedures and current methods of working.  We leave no stone unturned.

Our expertise in this area, in helping hundreds of clients, allows us to be able to easily and quickly locate the gaps, or bottlenecks in your current processes, that may be causing issues in the delivery of your products and services. Following our review process at your facility.  We will compile a comprehensive report on the findings.  The report will give you a clear understanding through a color-coded traffic light system, where there may be issues and the impact of these on your organization.

We will identify the priorities and importance of each one of our findings.  This will allow your organization to set immediate action steps for resolution. Through a Senior management Integration briefing meeting, we will discuss the report findings in detail, and answer any queries or questions you may have on the report.

We will advise you of the best approach to take and our recommendations on the steps needed for your organization to gain immediate results. We can also provide you with an action plan for your organization to follow. The review process at your facility usually takes between 3 – 5 days, depending on the size of your organization.

Keep On Track

We understand during production how difficult it is to keep on track when the project team is busy carrying out their daily work.  We want to ensure that valuable feedback doesn’t get left on the shelf.

In this case, we can also act as your accountability partner, to support your organization and carry out the necessary implementation or make the changes required, on your behalf, with our on-demand service.  We can also work with your team to provide training and mentoring to ensure continued results.

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