Handover Services - Qualitaz
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Residential Construction


Are you looking to improve the customer experience on your residential development during the handover process?


A clear and comprehensive handover process, ensures a customer orientated culture is driven through your organization and a reputation that developments built by your organisation have the highest reputation for quality and service delivery in the market and region.


We not only create the process. We drive the process through your organisation, with your Project team. With our on-demand service, we can help you with the following areas;


  • Setting the Standards for Finishing
  • Pre Occupation Handover Inspections
  • Qualitaz Home Demonstrations
  • Snagging and DLP management
  • Processes and Procedures for Quality and Handover


Commercial Construction


Do you have your closeout plan ready for your project handover?


With our experience of handing over complex major construction projects. At Qualitaz we understand it can be difficult coordinating and preparing the closeout documentation. This is often left to the last minute which can lead to retentions being lost and liquidated damages incurred.


Let us plan and prepare your handover strategy ahead of your project handover. We will coordinate the team and your contractors, providing customised workshops and training, to ensure all parties involved on the project are aware of the requirements and targets and are delivering them prior to the handover starting.


  • Handover Plans
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Project Snagging
  • Facilities Management Training Module
  • Handover Training and Awareness