Message From The Founder

Allison Wicks

Allison Wicks MCIOB

Founder & Managing Partner
Chartered Construction Professional

Personal Story


I couldn’t have imagined that after taking a 1-week work construction placement, that 16 years later I would be fortunate to be in a position to be able to advise and collaborate with construction and manufacturing business owners, CEO’s and project teams to implement, improve and support their teams in delivering high Quality construction and manufacturing projects and products – through doing something that I am so passionate about.  


Working with many construction companies within the UK and the Middle East, I noticed a common theme.   


Despite organisations having some level of a quality systems in place, these were often over complicated, never explained to the project teams and were producing unnecessary volumes of paperwork; whilst still generating high levels of defects, errors and waste.   


All of these aspects were leading to significant financial loss and delays for the projects and company owners, along with complaints from their customers.    


With practical knowledge and years of experience within the construction quality field, I wanted to break down traditional perceptions and barriers about Quality, bringing a fresh approach to the industry.   

–This is why I established Qualitaz in 2014 for this purpose.


Our objective is to enable project teams to be fully informed, involved, and part of the solution to raising and delivering quality standards.


Qualitaz Approach


Since the establishment of Qualitaz in 2014 we are continuously working to achieve our targets to help raise quality standards in the industry.  We do this through integrating effective quality systems, which are clear, concise and specifically customised to owners’ businesses, products and projects, along with supporting teams with training, mentoring and knowledge sharing.      


We continue to have the privilege to work with teams throughout Europe and the Middle East ranging from main contractors on multimillion mega projects, through to specialist subcontractors and suppliers, running manufacturing facilities.   


Our approach and business philosophy are enshrined in our company name.  We are wholly committed to a right first time quality delivery in all aspects of our work.  Partnering with our clients to achieve optimum results that save them time and money.


Everything we do is driven by the demands of the toughest quality service credentials.  It’s a mantra that see’s Qualitaz enjoy high levels of end user satisfaction and our client the avoidance of unnecessary works, costs and delays.


Qualitaz has been fortunate to have worked on a number of Iconic mega projects both in Europe and the Middle East.