Do you have a quality process for your product and production? Does it work?

Are your teams comfortable to use the existing process, and does it give you the results you need?

If the answer is no, then you need to take some immediate steps. Qualitaz has the people who understand your situation, and can help you to start working towards a new beginning.


Ask yourself some basic questions.

Are you filling in mountains of forms but still getting defects? Does the rework and late delivery, upset customers and incur you with additional costs you didn’t anticipate.

You have to take action to make immediate changes.

At Qualitaz we understand how to achieve quality and it starts with an understanding of your existing process and procedures.

We will show you how to simplify the controls, where to have inspections, and make the process work for you rather than you work the process.

We can implement systems that are PC, tablet or smartphone based, that will free you from the office and give you access to see what’s happening and enable you to control work remotely for all of your projects at the same time.

Believe us when we say.. there is a better way


We will give you the tools and the process, to allow you to focus on the actual construction project planning and management to take control of your projects. With our guidance and support we can help your teams understand that quality is a culture and a mind set, and that once this starts to be felt then your teams will begin to deliver surprising results.


Remember that culture cannot be built in a day.. it needs time, patience and a clear top down approach so that every member in your team understand that your new way of working is good for the whole business – buy in is critical and this comes with training and mentoring.

Our Services


  • We work with you to find out what’s really stopping your organisation from producing the quality results you are aiming for on your project or in your product.




  • Quality integration partnering, through our consultancy service, provides you with the most comprehensive, personable service and support for your organisation.




  • Take your processes to the next level and increase organisation efficiency and reduce your paperwork immediately.




  • Are you looking to improve the customer experience on your residential development during the handover process?




  • You can use our mystery quality shopping as the basis for Quality Improvement Programmes and for staff performance management – so you won’t just find out what needs fixing, you will have a programme which will change staff behaviour and fix the issues highlighted.



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