Take your processes to the next level and increase organization efficiency and reduce your paperwork immediately.

Opt to go digital, for all of your quality requirements. An easy way to transform the way you work through using reliable and tested technology such as IPAD inspections, automated reporting dashboards and digital record keeping.

All of these methods are in real-time, so you can keep up to date, whether you are in the office, site, factory, or on the move, managing multiple projects.

Qualitaz will start with an initial discovery meeting where we will learn more about your current company processes and operational methods, and your ambitions for incorporating digitalization.

This can range from the incorporation of inspection forms on an IPAD for the site or factory team. Or managing a whole project using a collaboration tool, which can be linked to IPAD inspections and generates dashboard reporting.

Going digital with Qualitaz
Construction reports

We can implement systems that are PC, tablet, or smartphone-based, which will free you from the office and give you access to see what’s happening and enable you to control work remotely for all of your projects at the same time.

Our handover tool enables subcontractors to upload their deliverables online, into your template format, which can be reviewed, approved and commented through the system.

Customized dashboard reporting function allows you to create and manage data, driven directly from the inspections and project record data to provide a real-time overview of what is happening on your project and identify any areas where improvements may be needed.

With a clear menu tree structure and easy presentation layout of the information, the system we use allows you to search and locate information historic or current, at a click of a button.  You no longer have to search through thousands of records to find the data.

Whether you are looking to manage one project or your whole organization, depending on your requirements, budget and the size of your project or company.

We will set about designing the customization to suit your needs.

Contact us today to arrange your discovery consultation and find out how we can incorporate technology into your organization.

Whether you are looking to manage one project or your whole organisation, depending on your requirements, Qualitaz will set about designing the customisation to suit your needs.


Ways to use the Technology


  • Project Management team may require dashboard reporting on overall productivity and programme, material procurement, waste and safety.


  • Quality Department may require information focusing on the number of inspections taking place each day, types of defects being found, and the number of approvals received.


  • Design team may require a way to manage their drawing approvals to ensure that superseded uncontrolled drawings are not used.


  • Handover team on the other hand, may require a tool to manage and collect information for the Operation and Maintenance manuals, warranties, as built drawings, attic stock and closeout deliverables with your subcontractors etc.
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