Quality Innovation for a Futuristic Structure

Quality Innovation for a Futuristic Structure

Museum of the Future… We watched in amazement when the building was lit up. It was a proud moment, after working on such an iconic and futuristic project. Constructed using pioneering construction technologies and innovative engineering, it is the first in the world of its kind – an external façade utilising composite technologies, with double glazed units and stainless steel unitised.

The curved and twisted panels follow the curvature of the complex building structure. Inscribed with inspirational words and phases, the panels align to form Arabic calligraphy.

Qualitaz started on the project, in 2017, tasked with managing the Quality requirements for the manufacturing and installation of the external façade.

How do you control Quality on futuristic panels?

How do you control the quality of the panel production as each one is unique and differs in size and shape? (some a staggering 17 meters long!).

At Qualitaz, we designed and implemented, a bespoke and robust quality inspection process that followed the production and assembly works. This was actioned in 3 factory facilities and on site.

Each of the 1024 panels had to pass through a stringent set of inspection criteria before release.

One small error could lead to misalignment of the panels, the calligraphy, and compromise the integrity of the panel. Production and the Quality team had to carry out a rigorous inspection regime to maintain and control each of the 14 steps. In addition to this regime, further inspections followed from the Project Management and Architects’ team.

How do you Transport a curved and twisted panel?

Logistics was another hurdle. Transporting the panels from the factory to the site, and onwards onto the building, is a delicate operation. The panels can easily become buckled and twisted during lifting operations.

I remember as the first panel was lifted into the air for installation by the tower crane. I held my breath, knowing how much effort and care had been taken by the Project team to ensure each panel was to the highest quality standards. A gust of wind or one misguided steer on the crane could ruin all of this hard work.

In addition to the production and installation works, there was a lot of inspections and documents to process and prepare for each of the 1024 panels. With the structures futuristic design, it made sense that the documents and inspections work should be modernised too.

Digitalising the process

We converted the paper system to a customised digital platform, which automated the manufacturing and site processes. Using IPADs enabled us to capture information and manage the inspection and approval process in the factory and site. We were also able to track any panel through the process by integrating a Q-code system. This helped the clients’ team to be able to manage their inspections through the same platform.

The digital platform provided real time reporting linked to the panel inspections crucial for the decision making process. Panels could easily be tracked and were able to move quickly through the production process. This was a result of the reduced processing and approval time. The complexity of the work required approvals from many entities before installation.

Change is not always easy. For many years our client had been operating a paper-based system. We are really proud of the team who embraced the new technology and this certainly made all of our lives that little bit easier.

It is very exciting to see the final building standing in its glory. One of our inspectors said to me the other day as we passed by the building “Do you remember panel 47”…. There is always one that is an extra challenge! 😉

Onsite Training at Museum of the Future

If you would like more information on the project, or if you have a construction or manufacturing project that requires a customised approach, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at Qualitaz, for more information at www.qualitaz.com.


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